Volare 25

25th anniversary model!

Volare 25

... we have always been asked whether it would be possible to develop a VOLARE with a two motor drive. Yes, it is and yes, we have listened carefully and on the occasion of our 25th company anniversary we are happily responding to your request!

The way

... was easy to realize based on the technical foundation of the VOLARE. The proportions are still not oversized, but arms up to 11 inches in effective length can be easily installed; 10 inches is ideal and we have chosen a beautiful arm that we will be offering in this Limited Edition package...

The mission

... was to create an exceptional drive for our wonderful anniversary and to be able to offer it at an attractive price!

As already mentioned, the chassis concept is based on the VOLARE. But here we have included and adapted the technology of the Blackbird, so that the VOLARE Venticinque can also benefit from the advantages of the 2-motor drive. You should not miss out on this...

The sound

... full of detail without a tendency towards analytical sound. In combination with the 10-inch tonearm available in the package, the use of high-priced MC cartridges also makes sense without being a must. You'll be amazed at what this combination can do...

technical data

  • belt-drive turntable
    two motors / 180°
  • quick swap mechanism for armboards
  • dimensions
    460 mm x 380 mm x 125 mm
  • armboard
    205 - 270 mm pivot-spindle (9 - 11 inches effective length)
  • weight
    17,5 kg (w/o tonearm, aluminium platter)
  • warranty
    2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (bearing)